Titron I.P. specialises in identifying, assessing and implementing outsourced manufacturing opportunities for companies throughout the world seeking to establish manufacturing operations in Asia. This may be as part of the process of establishing wholly-owned facilities or as an outsourced operation with tailored levels of managerial and functional control.

Titron I.P. adds a significant new dimension to the group’s capabilities by consolidating the substantial knowledge and expertise gained over 20 years’ operating in Asia into an expert advisory and enabling service.

Because it draws on the tried and tested skills and networks that the Titron Group has built up across a broad range of sectors from recording media and electronics to automotive, electrical and plastics, this new service platform can provide an invaluable professional service to SMEs, as well as larger organisations.

In addition, the company brings a thorough understanding of the economic and strategic dimensions of global business; proven experience in outsourcing and supply chain management; and an enviable project record of its key executives in over 50 countries worldwide.

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