The company’s founders, Ronald Lye and Alvin Yip, are very much the driving force behind the Titron Group. They have developed a culture that marries an entrepreneurial flair and adaptability with meticulous attention to detail. The forward-thinking, multinational management team of the Titron Group brings together a formidable array of experience and expertise, which is consistently applied in the pursuit of new opportunities and maintaining the highest standards. At project level, we have a large team of experienced engineers, usually overseas qualified, who run each job and act as the prime contact point for customers. They also oversee a dedicated workforce of more than 6,000 employees, who, as the cornerstone of our success, enjoy excellent training, development, welfare and working conditions.

Ron Lye
Before founding the business in the early eighties that evolved into today’s Titron Group of companies, Ronald held top management positions with Singapore Airlines. An engineer by training, with a master’s degree from Cranfield University in the UK, Ronald has extensive experience in international financial management. His drive and vision continue to be a foundation of the Titron Group.

Alvin Yip
Alvin is co-founder of the Titron Group. His education in the UK allowed him to develop a strong awareness of the differences between the cultures of East and West and the opportunities that exist in both. This knowledge, combined with his unique entrepreneurial flair and the ability to understand the financial dimensions of business development, has been a key factor in the continued successful growth and evolution of the Titron Group.

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